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Touch The Surface

It's a starting point, the creation of an emotional moment that connects people. It is the beginning of a great experience, your story.

This site is the story of the successful work that I do with the help of good clients. It is the sum of a dialogue between us, as we work together to build brands.

About Touch The Surface

What I Do

It's my job to think, listen, and talk with you. Then I come up with great ideas and together we create or grow your brand. Using my creative skills, we will craft a story that people can believe in and care about. I want to make your story fresh, exciting and meaningful. Brands become relevant as their story is told in a new way, as if being told for the first time.

I'm comfortable creating a new brand from the ground up or growing an existing brand. I can create an impactful integrated ad campaign and design with inspiration across platforms. I have a D.I.Y. attitude for getting things done, whether on my own, in a lead role or as a team player. I'm a big believer in the collaborative process for creating great work. Ultimately, no matter what the medium, my goal is to create work that tells a successful story.

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